Gold Maps 

Find Gold locations Close by or Australia wide. Gemstone maps and Resource maps are now included. Now With Over 500,000 Data points!

Pirate Cannonball 

Shoot the revolving Pirate ships on the high seas, But be careful only certain cannonballs work for certain ships as they change colour to evade detection. Variable speeds at which the ships travel in yet another attempt to evade attack make for conquering very hard.

 State Maps 

Mine Maps Australia shows all current operating mines and processing plants for all resources. It also covers registered historical mines all over Australia. Also check out gold maps for NSW, WA, SA, VIC, QLD, NT, SA, TAS, 

  Chick n Fly

Fly "Fried Chicken" through the city sky line but avoid the sides of the sky scrapers or you will be Fried chicken. He can fly and run to manoeuvre his way through the city. He flies pretty fast so you will have to be quick manoeuvring him. This app is totally free

 Dance Friends

Augmented reality 3D dancing characters. Learn Droid Boys funky dance moves. Create one or manny Droid Boys in a scene
A awesome new application that can place 3D dance characters into your surrounding area that will dance away on there own. Free without add's.


Deter Magpies from swooping in nesting season. Magpi displays a spare set of eyes and plays a morning call to confuse Magpies when walking past a nesting area.
Magpi will help you deal with those pesky magpies around nesting season. Now Free without add's